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income generating lodges
Recently completed lodges by Wokike

Womankind Kenya (Wokike), a local, indigenous NGO, is the most respected and effective organization in the region. Founded in 1989, Wokike’s mission is to empower women and girls, and alleviate poverty in local communities. Improving livelihoods through the sustainable use of natural resources is a cornerstone. In keeping with their mandated commitment to involve local communities in the conservation of resources by strengthening the institutional framework, we are working closely with Wokike to build local capacity, and develop and implement conservation education initiatives. Wokike also plays a central role in identifying potential project staff members, and helping us gain the trust of villagers and build positive working relationships.

Our shared vision is to develop community projects through participatory learning and action, community consultation, and workshop action plans. The African Wild Dog Conservancy is facilitating partnerships between Wokike and international organizations. Wokike believes that having access to the world can motivate people to help improve their own lives by stimulating new ideas and action. To this end, we have provided contacts and information on information technology, and ecologically sustainable development projects for communities with limited infrastructure and funds.

Since its inception, Wokike has completed numerous projects in education, health, advocacy for gender parity, small business creation for women, capacity building, and relief aid. Specific projects include constructing schools and pit toilets, supplying textbooks, holding educational workshops on gender parity, and constructing an income-generating lodging facility.

Support WomanKind Kenya in their efforts to keep their school for destitute and orphaned girls going. This school offers a safe haven for girls escaping female genital mutilation. With a donation of only $50, one child can be fed, clothed, and schooled for one month. Education and self-empowerment is the key the alleviating poverty. This remarkably effective NGO relies on public support. Please help them.

Make checks payable to WomanKind Kenya:

WomanKind Kenya
P.O Box 627
Garissa, Kenya
Send checks to the African Wild Dog Conservancy, and we will forward your donations to them.
Wokike distributing flour
Sophia and Hubbie distributing flour
Sophia (Executive Director), Evans, and Hubbie (Program Director) dispensing flour to villagers
school girls
school grounds
dorm room
School Girls
School Grounds
Dorm Room
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