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Wild dogs face the threat of extinction largely due to people. With your support, the AWD Conservancy is working with communities in one of the most bio-culturally rich regions on earth to find ways for wild dogs and people to co-exist.

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Study Area
Thanks for Making a Difference
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Our sincere thanks to individual donors, Sedgwick County Zoo, and the AAZK Cheyenne Mountain Zoo chapter for supporting the Conservancy’s wild dog field conservation efforts. Your support has been critical in expanding our wild dog presence/absence and livestock depredation surveys in Kenya and we are now close to reaching our target of covering about 56,000 sq km by the year's end including the Biodiversity Hotspot Convergence Zone.

Survey Region
Survey Region in Red

Our ultimate goal is to cover an unprecendented 100,000 sq km extending from the Indian Ocean to the Meru National Park Complex, and Somalia to Tsavo National Park! This mega-survey effort will provide the first systematic scientific information on the range and abundance of wild dogs in this historically neglected region, identify potential linkages for "Hotspot dogs" with known populations in parks and reserves, and give us a better idea of the scope and scale of human/carnivore conflict in this remote landscape. But we need your help to ensure we accomplish our goal.

How Can You Help?
Hussein  Surveying  Village
Hussein Surveying Villagers
Hussein is now on the move traveling remote communal lands in the north to discover where wild dogs still survive, and what and where conflict exists between people and carnivores. Travel can be difficult and time-consuming with weather conditions and logistical challenges setting the pace. We have over 40,000 sq km to go. Funds are needed to pay for transport, field costs, and Hussein's salary. Your donation of any amount is important. If you can’t afford to make a contribution, please help by spreading the word about our work via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook . . . and forward this e-newsletter to all the dog lovers you know!

Sedgwick County Zoo Making a Difference

Sedgwick County Zoo's continued support is greatly appreciated! One of the top attractions in Kansas (Wichita), the zoo is home to some 400 different species, including the endangered African wild dog. The zoo is a strong supporter of field conservation, and breeding rare and endangered species. Thank you!
Four Brothers
Four Brothers
Pup and  Adult at the Den
Pup with Adult at the Den

AAZK Cheyenne Mountain Zoo For the Love of Dogs

The AAZK Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s “For the Love of the Dogs” biscuit sale at the Dog Park in cool Colorado Springs was a great success. We thank your dogs on behalf of African wild dogs! We are very grateful. A special thanks to Roxanna Breitigan, Animal Care Manager at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, for organizing such a fantastic event and all the volunteers for their hard work!
Biscuit sale at Bear Creek Dog Park
Biscuit Sale at Bear Creek Dog Park
Hard at Work for Wild  Dogs
Hard at Work for Wild Dogs
Little Temba
Photo by Endangered Wildlife Trust

Please consider supporting the African Wild Dog Conservancy in its efforts to save one of the world’s most endangered carnivores. Whether a gift in the name of someone you care about or for yourself, your support really can make a difference. Thank you.

How many times a day do you search on the Internet? Well, if you use the search engine, (powered by Yahoo), you can help the African Wild Dog Conservancy protect this endangered species. Just go to and type "African Wild Dog Conservancy" under "Who do you GoodSearch for?" After that, you can use the search box above or just download the GoodSearch toolbar here. For every Internet search you make, one penny will go to the Conservancy. Please help us spread the word. Too few people know about the plight of this remarkable canid. Your cyber-pennies really can make a difference!

The African Wild Dog Conservancy, started in 2001, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to working with local communities, and national and international stakeholders, to conserve wild dogs through scientific research and education.

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